Saturday, 1 June 2013

Red Tree Peony 2013

This red tree peony looks like a rose when it first starts to open.  It's scent is as sweet as a rose too.  To me it looks nicer than a rose, when it is fully open.  The flowers are larger, the center is more interesting than a rose.

It takes much less care than a rose.  This year I have lots of seedling from it too.  It will be several years before I can see the flowers blooming.

Last year all of the flowers opened at the same time.  This year, it is staggered so the blossoms will last longer.  The camera did not capture the lovely red in this plant.  There are a variety of colours available in a tree peony. The flowers are large and very attractive.
I have not been able to identify this plant.  The tag that came with the flower only says Red Tree Botan.  The tag was printed in Japan.  If anyone knows the name it would be much appreciated.

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