Saturday, 1 June 2013


Nova was noted in the disappointments from last year.  It started out very strong with five blossoms, but all of the blossoms died.  It was in such a bad shape that I did not think that it would even survive.  I had already started to think about what I would replace the plant with.  Surprise! Nova lived and is looking very healthy with two flowers on it.  It is a pale yellow.  It is an early bloomer.  The flowers this year are smaller than any other peony flower that is blooming now.  The plant is low to the ground, but I have seen healthy plants that are much taller.  I am glad the plant survived, and expect it to continue to get bigger and better as time goes by.
So in the garden there is Chocolate Soldier, Adrienne, Nova, Athena, Red tree, all blooming.  Ezra Pound has already lost all of the pedals.  Coming soon is Red Charm, Coral Charm, and Sunny Girl.

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