Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Many Faces of Coral Sunset

Now that Lemon Chiffon is finished blooming, my new favorite is Coral Sunset.  This flower starts out a lovely coral and then fades to a gorgeous yellow with hints of coral on the bottom side.  Next year when the plant is more established it will have some of the yellow and coral flowers on the same plant.  It is place perfectly transitioning between the coral and yellow beds.  It currently sits beside Garden Treasure which is also in bloom.  Coral Sunset is new to the garden this year and is doing very well.

Garden Treasure is new to the garden in the yellow bed. This flower I first saw at the Oshawa Botanical gardens and fell in love with the colour and shape. 

It is competing with Viking Full Moon.  Viking Full Moon is a second year plant and is much more established with lots of blooms on it.  It is an Itoh. As much as this is a lovely plant it is sitting beside Bartzella.  Since I am a big fan of double flowers I am easily distracted.  Bartzella is also a second year plant and has lots of blooms on it this year.

Raspberry Sundae looks good enough to eat this year.  The pink on the yellow base cupped in pink again. In the background you can see Prairie Moon still blooming.  The yellow garden from last year is really coming together. It however is not competition to the pink garden.  The pink garden is full of plants I have had for a long time.

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