Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Adrienne is new to the garden.  It is blooming today, May 29 2013.  There is not much of a sweet fragrance from this flower.  The flower, however is gorgeous. There are large pedals on a simple flower.  This year there are two blossoms.  The plant is very healthy.  The single flowers are held high above the main body of the plant.  Adrienne is replacing a rose that did not make it thorough the winter.  The rose was healthy in the fall, hilled to protect it from the cold winter, but it did not survive.  The peony will need much less work to look after, and look just as great.  Breeders of peonies are working on plants that are design to look like a rose.  Peonies are so much easier to take care of.
There will be many more peonies to see in the new garden this year.  Many of the plants that came up last year, but did not bloom, will all be blooming this year.  Stay tuned to this blog to view all of the different flowers in the garden.

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