Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pinks in Bloom

Do Tell is from the white garden.  It is pink now.  I am hoping the guard petals will turn to white as I have seen in most of the pictures on the internet.  This plant did not bloom last year, but has two blossoms this year.  The white garden is a little later than the pinks.

Monsieur Jule Elie looks a lot like the plant from the house I was born in that is already in the pink bed as an unknown, but the fragrance is different.  It looks much different now that it is established in my garden, then it did in the pot when I bought it last year. 

Nellie Saylor opened yesterday in the warm weather.  This is a delightful flower is second year in the garden and is merged into the pink bed, where it is hard to tell where one plant ends and the next begins.  There are plants that have been here on the property for more than 30 years.  They have just been moved around and split up.  Nellie Saylor however was purchased as a bare root in the fall of 2011 and bloomed last year.  This year there are only a few more blossoms on the plant.  I love the new colours and shape it brings to the pink bed.  In a couple of days Bowl of Beauty will also be blooming.

Sorbet is out to greet the sun.  It is a little more delicate than Raspberry Sundae.  It has several blossoms on the plant.  As I take my friends around to see the garden, they always stop to look at this one.  It has more to the yellow in the flower than any of the other multicolored plants I have.

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