Friday, 10 July 2015

Seventh and Eight Weeks of Peonies Bloom June 27th to July 10th

Week Seven

July 3rd Minuet opened.  This is a new flower to the garden, and the bloom is unusual.  The bloom may look different next year.
The big surprise was High Noon.  High Noon is a tree that can bloom again.  I moved the tree about three years ago.  This year it bloomed again July 3rd.
Week Eight
The last peony to bloom was Pink Barnoness Schroeder.  The flower finally opened July 8th.
There are only 10 plants left with flowers on them.  Soon it will all be over.  I have already ordered the plants for next fall.  There were a few disappointments this season.  I had ordered
Mothers Choice and waited three years for it to bloom.  One little Coral flower bloomed this year.  Mothers Choice is a white flower, again I got the wrong cultivar. I have stop buying from this supplier.  That makes three different suppliers that have disappointed me, and I have stopped buying from them.  Each of them have sent me wrong flowers at least three times.  Public peony gardens and the internet make it easy to see when you have the wrong cultivar.  It is time to stop complaining and go and weed.  The veggie garden needs my attention.  Have a great summer.


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    1. Thanks Linda, I enjoy them all. A friend once said "My favorite peony is the one that is blooming!" I feel the same way.

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  6. Hello! Beautiful peonies! What is it the first one?

  7. I would love to know which suppliers you have found to be most reliable in sending the true variety. As much as I love a bargain, when it comes to peonies and all the research I put into finding THE perfect variety, it is maddening to find out several years later that you were sent the wrong one! It's worth paying more for a supplier who is careful in their labeling, so I'd love to know who you like best (or who has disappointed you repeatedly!).