Thursday, 21 May 2015

First Week of Blooms

The season of peonies blooming has begun.  The season has started slightly earlier then last year.  The first peony is the unknown.  This year I saw the unknown peony on planet peony and it was called
Paeonia officialis Mollis. 
This flower first opened May 13th.  What a wonderful start.
Nova was a surprise.  It opened without any notice.  This picture does not show the beautiful yellow in the petals. There is a strong stem holding the flower up and does not need any support.  I am enjoying the plant more and more each year.  This flower opened May 19th.
On the same day Nose Gay opened. Again the camera does not show the lovely peach colour in the petals.  The flower is small compared to Nova.

New to the garden this year is Fernleaf Hybrid.  Light lacy leaves and the early flower make this a must have plant.  I had purchased this plant a few years ago, but it had died.  I replaced it last fall.  There is more then one blossom on the plant making it a great replacement.  Over the next few years it will get better and better.  It opened on May 20th.