Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fifth Week of Peony Blooms June 13 to 19th

June 13th was a great day for peonies!  Opened on June 13th, Coral Supreme, Alice Harding, Gay Paree, Imperial Red, Fairy Tale, Fox Trot, Sea Shell, August Dessert, Liebchen, Pillow Cases, Clown, Felix Supreme, Port Royale, Sweetie, Shirley Temple, Doreen, Angel Cheeks, Felix Crousse, Emile Debatene, Karl Rosenfield, Mahogany, Charm, Chippewa, Hot Chocolate, Primevere, Do Tell, Princess Margaret, Tom Eckhart, Lauren, Little Joe, Krinkled White, Fringed Ivory, Gardenia, Bowl of Cream, Gertude Allen, Cheddar Charm.
Coral Supreme
Alice Harding  This is another one that I got the wrong cultivar.  I ordered two, one is white as Alice Harding is.  The other is pink.  Now I have another unknown pink.
Gay Paree is beautiful this year.
 Imperial Red
Fairy Tale bloomed for the first time in two years.
Fox Trot
Sea Shell
August Dessert
Pillow Cases
Felix Supreme is another one that was shipped as Chestine Growdy.  I already have Fielix Supreme so it was easy to identify.
 Port Royale is new to the garden this year.
Shirley Temple
Angel Cheeks
Felix Crousse
Emile Debatene
Karl Rosenfield
Hot Chocolate
Do Tell
Princess Margaret
Tom Eckhart
Fringed Ivory
 Bowl of Cream

Gertude Allen
Cheddar Charm
June 15th brought Edulis Superba, Midnight Sun, Mons Martin Cahusac, Charles Burges.
Edulis Superba is the name on the tag. All of the pictures I have seen this flower is pink not red.  I will need to see another plant to confirm. 
 Midnight Sun
 Mons Martin Cahusac
Charles Burgess
June 16th brought Raspberry Sundae, Nick Shayor, Sarah Bernhart, Hermonie, Paul M Wild, Fancy Nancy, Nippon Beauty, Irene May Gilbert, LeCygne, and Sword Dance.
 Raspberry Sundae did not do well this year. The pink that is normally on top was on a separate flower.
Nick Shaylor
 Sarah Bernhart

Paul M Wild
Fancy Nancy
Nippon Beauty
Irene May Gilbert
Le Cygne
Sword Dance
June 18th brought Ada Nivia, Leslie Peck, Ethel Mars, Duchess D'Orleans, Solange, Auten's Pride, Pink Derby, Fragrant Bouquet and Candy Heart.

Ada Niva
Leslie Peck
Ethel Mars
Solange is a gorgeous cream colour.
Duchesse D'Orleans
Auten's Pride
Pink Derby
Fragrant Bouquet
 Candy Heart
 June 19th, the only new peony was Feather Top.
The season is winding down now.  There a lot of flowers in bloom, but not many that have not opened yet this year.  The mature plants have lots of side buds to extend the season.  The rain keeps knocking off all of the petals.  It is hard to keep up with cutting off the seed pods.  Weeding is a full time job. I better get back to weeding.


  1. Hallo Marian, I love peonies and I collect them too. How nice to meet You with Your blog. You have so beautiful species so don't stop to show Your photos. Best Regards Urszula

  2. I love seeing "real life" photos of peonies and you have so many varieties that I've been researching. Thank you for posting these beauties!