Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Oshawa Peony Festival 2014

After trying to pick some of the peonies in the early verities and keeping them in the fridge, the only peonies that did well were picked that day or the night before.  It was fun to try.  The morning was cold and some did not want to open at the show, even though they were open in the house before driving to the show.  I enjoyed bringing some different types to the show.
 This is one of the vases on the way to the show.  The kitchen and car were filled with the scent of peonies.
I was able to help out at the show, and got to know what to look for when judging.  It was interesting to be standing there when one of my peonies won Best in Class. 

The peony that won best Itoh was called Garden Treasure.  There was a line up outside, in the garden to take the picture of this peony in the garden.  Ron Adams did very well in this class.  He won almost all of the ribbons in the Itoh classes.  I did get a few more firsts, some seconds and some thirds in some of the other classes.  I talked with other gardeners that brought only a couple of peonies and managed to win some ribbons.  This year I was not able to spend much time outside.  I did come back on Sunday to catch a couple of the lectures that were very informative. It is a great time, and admission is free.
If you live close by, bring some peonies and have fun.  It is a great time, or just come to see all of the peonies.  Visiting this show is where I picked the peonies for the new garden.

Peonies third week of blooms

Warmer weather and rain, brought more peonies than I could ever imagine.  There was 36 blooms by the end of the week.  The beginning of the week only had one more blossom then three more two days later.  I started to worry what I would be able to bring to the Peony Festival in Oshawa.  I was hoping with the later date that I would have lots to bring to the show.   There were many of peonies in the garden by June 13th. There were new plants this year and a few that have been here for three years and bloomed for the first time.  The reds are really coming together.  The corals are full and the yellows are doing well.  The pinks and the whites are just starting as I write this blog.  These are the peonies that bloomed June 7th to 13th 2014.

There were several peonies for the Oshawa Peony Festival.  It was an exciting week watching them open and trying to keep up with recording the date they opened.  Weeding is becoming a full time job.  Hope you enjoy some of the pictures.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Nichols Arboretum

This weekend I went to visit a living museum.  Nichols Arboretum gardens were open to the public in 1927.  Many of the original peonies are still there.  It can be used as a reference to confirm some species of peonies.  The timing was perfect.  Twenty feet away with a cold in my nose, I could still smell the peonies.


There are two of each peonies and most are very old cultivars.
They have had special quests like Don Hollingsworth to confirm the species.

 It was warm and sunny day and not over crowded.  Staff were on hand to answer questions, maps were available and each patch has a plaque with the picture and name.  I was able to confirm some of the peonies I have, but I still have lots of unknown.
They have some sheets available to give visitors some background on the some of the names of peonies.  All in all it was a great day and worth the drive to Ann Arbour, MI.
Thanks for stopping bye.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Second week of blooms

May 30 to June 6th 2014

What a wonderful week.  We finally got some rain.  There were a few warm days and some just the right temperature to work, but it brought the mosquitoes.  Peonies were well on the way to show off. This week the air was filled with the wonderful smell of peonies from Ezra Pound.  Lots of plants I received last fall are blooming along with the ones that have been here for a while. During the week there was as many as eight blooming at once.

Flame Opened May 30Nova Opened May 30

Double Fernleaf-  Ruba Flora Plena  Opened May 30

Ezra Pound Opened May 31Nose Gay Opend May 31
High Noon Opened June 2
Unknown red tree Opened June 3

Red Spider Opened June 4
There were two trees blooming, High Noon and the unknown red, the rest were herbaceous.  I had lots to look at each night I came home from work.  Peonies are a great way to just relax and smell the fragrances, enjoy the colours, and textures.  They release the stress of the day and demand your admiration.
The Oshawa Peony Festival is coming soon.  I will be there again, this time with a few more flowers and to devote some of my time.
Coming soon is Sunny Girl, Lemon Chiffon, Red Charm.  We seem to be about a week behind last year.  It is time to get out and enjoy the garden and the warm of the sunlight.