Sunday, 7 October 2012

Roots Arrived!

The roots that I ordered have started to arrive.  There were some last minute substitutions that changed things a little, some last minute purchases, and all of the roots from the Internet were lovely.  My collection in growing.  Some of the roots took a long time to arrive so I soaked them in water before planting.  They came with lots of eyes to bring flowers in the spring. The soil is still warm and wonderful to work with. This is the right time to plant the roots.  The roots will send out the small hairs to secure the roots into the soil. I will wait one more year for the seedlings before transplanting them in the test beds.  It will be a long time before they bloom.  They are already 2 years old.
It is time to cut down the foliage of the plants from this season.  Some of the plant leave have turned a lovely fall colour.
I have the entire winter to dream of the new plants and how they will look. I still need to add some yellow and white peonies to the collection.  The pinks, reds, and coral beds are all full now.  I have already picked the flowers for next year.  I will be trying some new growers again.  North America has lots of growers to pick from.  They vary in size of growers, but the plants all have the same good quality.
Happy planting.