Thursday, 3 July 2014

Fourth Week of Blooms

June 14th to June 20th was a very busy week.  There was the Oshawa peony festival, friends stopping by, and a social tea.  The rain brought weeds galore.  There was so much weeding.
For those of you that wondered how the Dusty Millers did, 90% survived the winter and came up this year.  They look great against the peonies.
This week was the high light of the season.  Many of the peonies are only one year old, so the next couple of years the display will get better.  As the peonies get older, the blossoms will last longer.
The yellow intersectional for the web site are doing well.  The ones in bloom are Garden Treasure.  The Garden Treasure I brought to the Oshawa peony festival came from the plant in this area.  They are organically grown with no herbicides.
Now let's look at what opened this week.



Kanas opened June 16th

Border Charm opened June 16th

Hot Chocolate opened June 17th

Heavenly Pink opened June 17th

Bartzella opened June 17th

Sea Shell opened June 17th
August Dessert opened June 17th
Coral Supreme opened June 17th
Imperial Red opened June 17th

Liebchen opened June 17th

Paula Fay opened June 17th
Bowl of Beauty opened June 17th
Doreen opened June 17th

Auten Pride opened June 17th
Miss Mary opened June 17th
Nick Shalyor opened June 17th

Paul M Wild opened June 18th
Charm opened June 18th
Chestine Gowdy opened June 18th
Ada Niva opened June 19th
Sword Dance opened June 19th

Felix Crousse opened June 20th

Princess Margaret opened June 20th

44 blossoms opened with the 36 from last week, wow. 

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