Friday, 4 July 2014

Fifth Week of Blooms

June 21st to June 27th had lots of peonies blooming, but the sadness of knowing it is coming to an end.  There were new peonies opening for the first time, but many that were finished blooming.  I walked around cutting the dead blossoms from the plants to put all of the energy into the roots.

The peony that grew from the seed bloomed.  It looks like the heritage pink that came with the house.  It has the same scent.(Cinnamon)  The next group of seedlings are six years away from blooming.  I picked up some more seeds from the Canadian Peony Society at the Oshawa Peony Festival.

All of the roots that arrived last fall came up.  There were only a few that did not bloom this year.  Somehow I managed to order more peonies for fall delivery and need to expand the gardens again.  I really like the similar colours grouped together. 

There were not as many new blossoms this week 12 opened for the first time. 

Sarah Bernhart opened June 21st
Trafford W Bigger opened June 21st

Gay Paree opened June 22

Gertrude Allen opened June 22 

Unknown pink that smells like cinnamon opened June 22

Nippon Beauty opened June 22

Red Anemone opened June 22

Leto opened June 26

There are a few more peonies to open next week.  There are sides buds still blooming from the peonies in week three and four.  The garden is just as I had imaged. The peonies are so easy to look after.  I am so happy with the garden.

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