Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Third week of blooms May 28 to June 4th

So far it has been dry and a great start.  We are a little early this year.
Sunny Girl opened May 28th.
Then we got rain.
Hillary is new to the garden.  I was surprised that it opened so early.  I can't wait until this plant get more mature.  Hillary opened on June 1.
Mackinac Grand is a lovely red that blooms early.   It also is new to the garden and opened June 1.
June 2nd brought
Unknown tree and
High Noon.  Both are trees.  The unknown red tree is not as good this year.  The rabbits have been eating it during the winter for the past couple of years.  High noon is doing much better since it has been moved.
June 3 brought Lemon Chiffon, Goldilocks, Early Glow, and Dai Jo Kuhan

Goldilocks was lovely this spring.

Dai Jo Kuhan is the unkown pink that came from my Aunt's house.  This plant just blooms and blooms with all of the side buds.
June 4th brought Buckeyed Belle, Dad, and Red Charm.
Buckeyed Belle was a double and a semi double on the same plant.

 Dad is such a large flower.

Red Charm is a show stopper in the garden.
That brings 11 total new blooms that opened this week and 21 different kinds blooming.  
The Oshawa peony is more than a week away, but there is a show in Ottawa on June 6th and 7th.  I am planning to go. 

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