Monday, 6 July 2015

Week 4 June 5th to 12th

This week was full of rain.  It was tough to keep up with the weeding and pictures.  The Oshawa Peony festival started June 12th and I brought a few peonies to the show.  I again won a few ribbons, but it was for flowers that I had picked and put in the fridge.  Saturday was very busy, but there was some time to help out on Sunday at the show.  Glad I was inside, because it rained Sunday afternoon.  It was fun to share stories with other gardeners. 
There was a lot that happened during the week.

June 5th brought Chocolate Soldier, Red Grace, Coral Sunset, Garden Treasure, and Flame.
Chocolate Soldier
Red Grace
Coral Sunset
Garden Treasure
June 6th brought Laura Dessert, Pastel Splendor, Kopper Kettle, PinkHawaiian Coral.
Laura Dessert
Pastel Splendor
Kopper Kettle bloomed for the first time in three years.  It had several buds and was just a delight and worth the wait.
Pink Hawaiian Coral
June 7th, Adrienne, Cytherea, and more rain.
Cytherea has lovely form.
June 8th, Mr Ed, Sorbet, Coral Fay, Coral N'Gold, Prairie Moon, Viking Full Moon, Mons Jules Elie, Duchess De Nemours, Heavenly Pink, Peché, Miss Mary, Paula Fay, and Boule De Neige. 
Mr Ed  looks a lot Like Mons Julies Ellie.
Coral Fay

Coral N' Gold
Prairie Moon
Viking Full Moon
Mons Julies Elie
Duchesse De Nemours
Heavenly Pink
June 8th brought Miss Mary, Paula Fay, Boule de Neige.
 Miss Mary
Paula Fay
Boule de Neige
June 9th brought Honey Gold, Whopper, Big Ben, Brands Magnificent, Miss America, Coral Charm, and Prairie Charm,
Honey Gold
Big Ben
Brands Magnificent
Miss America
Coral Charm
Prairie Charm
June 10th brought Brides Dream, Plainsman, Charles White, Cora Louise, Coral Magic, Festiva Maxima, Ming Joy, Alice Crousse, Alertie, Top Brass, Legion of Honor, Jan Van Leeuwen, Kanas, and Kelway's Gloriuos. 
Brides Dream
Charlie's White
Cora Louise
 Coral Magic
Festiva Maxima
Ming Joy
Alice Crousse
 Top Brass
Legion of Honor, I ordered Honor,  it is pink.  I got Legion of Honor a pleasant surprise.  I have lots of single pinks already.  Disappointed in  this supplier since they got several flowers wrong.
 Jan Van Leeuwen

Kelway's Glorious
June 11th I spent the day weeding.  It was the only day without rain.  I did not even look around.  June 12th was too busy with the Oshawa Peony Festival and the family BBQ.
Next week has many more peonies to see.
This week had seven new plants to the garden and one that has been here for two years and bloomed for the first time.  Hope that you had time to visit a peony garden near you.

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