Sunday, 7 June 2015

Second Week of Blooms 2015

Athena opened May 24th this year.  The colours were glorious and so many blossoms on the plant.
Fernleaf Double Red-Ruba Flora Plena also opened on May 24th.  Love the fine leaves on this plant.
Ezra Pound has such a wonderful scent. This tree peony is one of my favorites.  Ezra Pound opened on May 25th.
Red Spider has an unusual scent.  It opened May 25th.  The plant is only two years old and is still low to the ground. Lovely looking.

Pastelegance is new to the garden this year, it is such a lovely flower.  The camera again does not capture the beauty of the flower.  There were three blossoms.  The stems were strong enough to hold the flower up. The flower opened on May 27th.
Caroline is also new to the garden. Caroline also opened on May 27th. 
So far the spring has been very dry.  The new peonies are all doing well. We are starting off earlier then last year.  The frost on did not hurt the peonies even the ones that were blooming.  The frost did damage the some of the trees around here.  

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