Saturday, 18 May 2013

Roselette 2013?

Here it is, the first long weekend, and Roselette is the first to bloom again this year.
He is still a pink flower, but look very different than last year.  He is two years old now and has more than doubled in size.  This plant is close to the ground with many flower heads. Nine this year.  There is a shoot coming out of the ground ten inches away from the main plant. He is spreading already.

The flower heads start out a deep red, but by the time they open it is pink.  The season for peonies has begun. 
 This promises to be a very good year. I should have lots of different peonies to share with you. 
This peony came to me with the wrong label.  It was marked as Chocolate Soldier.  Thanks for the people that commented that it was the wrong cultivar.   It forced me to investigate further and confirm it was the wrong root sent.  I must  take this flower out of the red bed and move the flower in the fall.  Now I understand why it was such a surprise late year. I have talked with the grower and need help to identify this plant.  If anyone knows what it is please let me know.

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