Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dreaming the winter away

I have decided that bare roots in the fall is the way to go with peony purchases.  I have picked out already the plants that I need to complete my garden.  In all I will have about 120 varieties of plants.  They have different growing times, so there will be blossom from May until late June.  By the beginning of 2014 all of the beds will be full, some of the plants will already be three years old.  Some will be two years old and a handful will only be one year old.  I have a layout of the garden so that I can remember which plant is which.  I have been searching web  sites from around the world to find just the right colour and shape to complete the garden.  Winter or a hot summer day is a great time to plan.  I will keep you posted on the new additions to the garden.  This certainly has been an adventure.  I did end up with a few extra pink flowers and started another bed by the pool.  There are so many different plants to choose from.  I have meet a few of the growers in person and have emailed many of them.  Gardeners are very friendly people.  Sharing your passion with others is the best humane connection.  This year I hope to enter a couple of the flowers in the show in Oshawa.  Only three more months until peonies are blooming again, until then I can keep dreaming....

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