Sunday, 5 August 2012

Plannning for the fall

I went to growers to pick the flowers for next year, taking pictures to remember the flower and the name.
I have been looking for flowers to add to the collection.  I have decided on a couple of paths to go down.  I have been looking for plants with family member's names in the plants like: Helen, Robert, Dad, Margaret, Mr. Ed, Lauren and Lovely Louise.

The second path is very old heritage plants. Looking at the Internet, old books researching the names and where they might be available.  I am also trying to find out the names of some of the plants I have.

I did buy some plants for the colour to complete more of the garden.  I expanded the garden to fit more plants.  It also will help with the tulips I planted last year.  The idea was to have a flower that would bring interest to the garden before the peonies, but they did not look nice when the flowers were finished.
Now the tulips will bloom and then the peonies will come out and distract your attention away from the tulips and concentrate on the beautiful peonies.  The soil will be well prepared for the roots to arrive this fall, and hopefully bloom next spring.
Gardening has always been about planning and preparing the soil.  These plants will live longer than me, if they are properly planted in good soil.  I hope not to loose as many this spring.  Today is hot and windy.  Not a good day to be in the garden, so planning is the thing to do.  In three years, this garden will be breath taking.

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